15 Best karaoke microphones

Who doesn’t love singing karaoke? Some people don’t. Not a lot of them though – that’s for sure. Once upon a time, my family invited a tiler. While the tiler was working, he heard me, a little girl at that time, singing karaoke and asked to give him a mic.

I was shocked at how amazing he sang! People are full of surprises. Who knows? Maybe there are stars all around you – it is just that they haven’t got a chance to show off their skills.

That’s why buying a karaoke mic is a great idea. By the way, there are great wireless microphones for events on the market that you can use as karaoke micorophones. Besides, karaoke is a collective activity that can cultivate trust and understanding in a group. And it is just fun! Can’t wait to discover the best karaoke microphones? Me too. Let’s start right now!


3-in-1 Karaoke Microphone

  • outstanding sound quality for the price;
  • control levels for both the music and your voice via slide controls on the front of the product;
  • control echo levels to your voice;
  • long battery life;
  • wide color options;

karaoking mic
KaraoKing Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

  • lots of buttons to control the microphone settings;
  • don't need to use an app to use this wireless microphone;
  • pairs easily with any device;
  • lighting patterns will change every few seconds;
  • the sound is clear and original; 


Uniwit Mini Portable Vocal Microphone


  • the sound is pretty good for its price;
  • the cord length is perfect for short-distance filming;
  • comes with a cute little plastic stand;

5 Best wireless karaoke microphones

Let’s be honest. Bulky karaoke machines are obsolete these days. In an era of smartphones, tablets and other revolutionary devices, buying a separate ‘machine’ for singing karaoke is insane. If you already have it, that’s fine, but if you are in a search for something new, then take a look at the wireless mics below.

These microphones are provided with speakers, which allows them to serve as full-fledged karaoke machines and be portable at the same time. All you need to add to this combination is your smartphone.

And you don’t need to splash out to have fun – all of the options are rather cheap.

banaok karaoke1. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 3-in-1

BONAOK is one of the top sellers when it comes to karaoke microphone. This model, for example, is very popular. It has got over two thousand reviews on Amazon and most of them are positive. The microphone can work as a karaoke machine – it has everything’s that needed for it – speaker and microphone. All you need to add is your phone or some other device to choose the songs on. There’s also an input for a MicroSD card, which can be 32 or 64 Gb (or smaller), so you can use this mic as an MP3 player if you want to.

The speaker has been improved and said to be able to produce loud high-quality sound. There are several regulation buttons on the side of the mic. They let you adjust volume, echo, and song style. There are also other buttons such as play, pause, next, etc. The microphone’s head is made of electroplated K Metal. The capsule is dynamic.

This model can work with many various devices including, first and foremost, smartphones and tablets. There are two ways you can connect this mic to your smartphone – via Bluetooth and through a cable. In any way, you’ll need to download a karaoke app or some other kind of singing/speaking app. There are many apps like that, so you can try numerous options until you find the one.

Upon the whole, this is an excellent microphone that will brighten up any family gathering. The most exciting part about it is that you can use anywhere and at any time.

Key features:

  • compatible with Android, iOS and all the other smartphones and tablets;
  • Bluetooth / USB connection;
  • headphones monitoring;
  • operating time: up to 5-10 hours;
  • battery capacity: 2200/2600mAh;
  • supports MicroSD: up to 64 Gb.

Check price at Amazon

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2. BONAOK Updated Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

bonaok upgraded

This BONAOK microphone is an improved version of the previous microphone. There are, of course, more similarities than differences, so it is more time-consuming for us to overview new features.

Firstly, the side interface of the mic is new. Just like the classic model, it includes volume, echo, and music adjustments as well as next, pause, and other buttons. The difference is that the placement of all of these buttons is more convenient and intuitive. Secondly, there are beautiful colorful LED lights on the two sides of the mic. The LED lights can make every party brighter and more entertaining, so it is a worthy upgrade.

There are also two new important features that are not attributable to the previous model – duet function and the ability to connect the mic with a bigger speaker. Both are really useful for homemade cocktail parties. Buying a couple of these mics will allow you to sing with somebody simultaneously, which is even more fun. A bigger speaker means a bigger sound. If you want your voice to be heard all around your neighborhood, well, you can make this dream come true.

All the necessary cables are shipped together with the mike, so you don’t need to buy anything additionally. The shipping package also includes two cases – a basic one and a colorful one. By the way, this mic comes in several colors: grey, pink, and red. So if you really like that pinky touch in the first picture, you can choose this upgraded model in pink. The same is true for the first model as well – there are always a number of colors to choose from. To end up with, this mic is in many ways better than its predecessor. If you want new, this is new (2018). The difference in price is not that crucial. The choice is obvious!

Key features:

  • compatible with Android, iOS and all the other smartphones and tablets;
  • Bluetooth / USB connection;
  • headphones monitoring;
  • operating time: up to 4-8 hours;
  • battery capacity: 2200/2600mAh;
  • supports MicroSD: up to 64 Gb.
  • LED lights;
  • duet function & connectivity with a bigger speaker;
  • comes with three cables, AUX, Micro USB, audio cable, and two cases.

Check price at Amazon

3. KaraoKing Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

karaoking mic

The KaraoKing microphone is a lot like the BONAOK microphone. It also represents the whole system for singing – 5 Watt speaker and microphone. There is no support for MicroSD, so you’ll need to always rely on your phone, tablet, smart TV or whatever you’ve got. The only way of connection is Bluetooth – it is the most widespread way of connection in any case, so there shouldn’t be too many concerns about the absence of USB input.

The interface of the mic has about six button – turn on/off, next, pause, and others. There are cute LED lights that can beautify your party and make the whole experience even more fun! The lights move to the rhythm of music (hopefully so will you!) Despite the small price, the KaraoKing mic comes with a phone holder and a carrying case. Why would you need a phone holder? Simple! To sing and read the lyrics simultaneously. Probably it was someone really ingenious who has come up with this idea.

In sum, this is one more cool mic that can be used under any circumstances. It comes in grey and pink colors. Just imagine what a wonderful gift it will be for someone who loves singing!

Key features:

  • compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV, and more;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • operating time: 8 hours;
  • battery capacity: 2200 mAh;
  • LED lights;
  • comes with a smartphone mount and a case.

Check price at Amazon

4. MOSOTECH Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

mosotech microphone

MOSOTECH is one more popular option when it comes to wireless karaoke microphones. This one represents a combination of microphone, speaker, voice changer, and recorder. Let’s look closer at these, one by one.

  1. The microphone is dynamic. It can provide you with crystal clear sounds but nothing too serious – just like all the mics in this category, this one is far from professional, hence the low price.
  2. The speaker is loud and pretty good. Many people praise its quality. Some even say that they use it as a player, which is possible thanks to a USB flash drive. You can put in a memory stick with your favorite songs and enjoy.
  3. As for the voice changer, there are five modes you can use while singing: original, male, tough, honey, and child. I bet you’ll have lots of fun with those.
  4. Finally, a recorder – here, everything’s pretty simple. Just choose the app that supports recording and you’ll be able to share your singing with the whole world! Actually, you can do this with any mic from this list.

This mic is a lot like the first model. It has the same regulation buttons – you can adjust volume, echo, and music style. There are also two ways of how you can connect this mic to your smartphone – Bluetooth and USB cable. What’s so special and different is bright LED lights that will add a festive atmosphere to any event. In sum, this mic has lots of great features. And lots of positive feedback too. Check it out now!

Key features:

  • compatible with all kinds of devices – smartphones, tablets, and more;
  • two connection modes: Bluetooth and USB;
  • operating time: 6-8 hours;
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery;
  • USB flash drive (memory stick is not included);
  • LED lights;
  • can be bought with a case.

Check price at Amazon

5. MINGHAIDI Wireless Microphone Karaoke

minghaidi mic

This MINGHAIDI microphone can be called minimalistic due to the fact that it doesn’t have as many features as its competitors. Besides, the design is strict black. The mic connects with smartphones and other devices only via Bluetooth. On the side of it, there are some basic buttons like turn on/off, next, pause, echo and volume regulation.

So, what’s so special about it and why do we need it on our list? First of all, some people prefer it this way – without the frills that are never going to be used. Secondly, some reviewers say that in terms of sound quality this mic is much better than others, second-to-none. Who knows? Maybe, it is true that still waters run deep. In any case, this microphone is worth checking out. It might be the one for you!

Key features:

  • compatible with iOS, Android devices, and more;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • operating time: 5-8 hours;
  • 2600 mAh battery;
  • neutral design;
  • excellent sound quality.

Check price at Amazon

5 Best microphones for karaoke machines

If you’ve got a karaoke machine and want to buy a new microphone for it, then the options below are exactly what you need to be looking at. I’ve tried to pick microphones from various price categories so that you had a more interesting choice. Some of these are rather popular when it comes to karaoke singing. Others can be used for karaoke but meant for other purposes as well. After all, singing is always singing – be it in a bar or in front of a thousand people in a music hall. 

6. Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

behringer karaoke

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 is an entry level vocal microphone. It is loved by many customers. The price is not that high and the quality is really good. The corpus is made of metal. The capsule has a cardioid polar pattern which means that the mic successfully rejects side noises and takes in only what’s needed.

Electromagnetic shield makes sure that no radio interference has a chance of ruining your performance. The pop filter protects you from plosives and wind noise. The design is smart and slick. Upon the whole, this is an excellent microphone that works just great. If you need a simple dynamic mic to sing karaoke with your friends, you must check this model out!

Key features:

  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • two-stage pop filter;
  • metal construction;
  • comes with a case and an adapter for mic’s stands.

Check price at Amazon

7. Karaoke USA Dynamic Microphone

karaoke usa

This is a mic that was designed to be used with karaoke machines. Many people praise it for being better than the mics that come with their karaoke machines. It is not that surprising. The microphone is of really good quality for its price. Of course, it can’t compete with more serious gear but for the purposes it was designed for it is pretty good.

The mic comes with a cable and a case. If you want to replace your old or broken karaoke mic with a new one & are looking for a cheap and easy solution, this one of them.

Key features:

  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • smooth frequency response;
  • detachable cable;
  • comes with a case for storage.

Check price at Amazon

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8. Hotec Premium Vocal Dynamic Handheld Microphone 

hotec karaoke

This is one more dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern that can be used for singing karaoke. The microphone’s price is twice as high compared to the first two options in this category. The sound quality though is great.

The mic has a metal body made of durable materials. On the side of the body, there is a turn on/off button. In general, this is just one more option to widen your choice. It has a five-star rating so don’t miss it!

Key features:

  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • metal body;
  • ON/OFF switch;
  • built-in pop filter;
  • detachable 19ft XLR to 1/4 cable;
  • comes with a gift box and a windscreen.

Check price at Amazon

9. Audio-Technica PRO 41 Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone

at pro41

We’re going up and up. This is a mic you might want to use not just for karaoke but for other purposes as well. Amateur musicians can sing with it in clubs, choirs can use it to emphasize the voice of the leading singer, and so on. Undoubtedly, this will make a great microphone for a karaoke machine! The price though is a bit higher.

The microphone is shipped with three items – a case, a shock mount, and a cable. The shock mount when used with a mic’s stand blocks handling noise. All the rest is as usual – cardioid, two-stage pop filter, turn on and off button on the side. So, if you want to upgrade the game, you can go for this slightly more expensive Audio-Technica model. It certainly won’t disappoint you!

Key features:

  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • two-stage pop filter;
  • detachable cable;
  • comes with a shock mount and a case for storage.

Check price at Amazon

10. Shure SLX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Microphone

shure slx2

Here, the price is even higher. So is the quality. Shure SLX2/SM58 is a wireless microphone so it doesn’t come with a cable and it doesn’t need a cable. The mic can be used in live performances but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for karaoke! If you need a good wireless karaoke mic, then why not consider this one as an option? It is true – it is more expensive but if the quality is of paramount importance to you, you will be glad to spend some more cash on it.

You have to make sure though that the receiver and the transmitter and compatible with each other – check your karaoke machine’s manual carefully. By the way, you can search for other wireless systems too including lavalier and headset ones – it is all up to your preferences. Handheld mics are just more frequently used for karaoke since it is a lot easier to handle them to another person.

This Shure microphone is a really good purchase. It uses the power of AA-batteries that can work for up to 8 hours. If you are looking for a high-end mic, you’ve found one!

Key features:

  • wireless;
  • the mic has a cardioid polar pattern;
  • pop filter;
  • frequency response tailored for vocals;
  • pneumatic shock-mount system;
  • operating time: 8 hours.

Check price at Amazon

5 Best karaoke microphones for kids

We’ve decided to include several microphones for kids in this article as well. Who knows? Maybe some of our readers will find this information useful. If you have a child who loves singing, then you might want to consider buying a special gift for them. One of the microphones below is exactly what you need to dole upon your little angel! (or devil, it depends)

11. KaraoKing Wireless Karaoke Microphone for Kids

karaoking kids

This KaraoKing mic for kids is a lot like the wireless microphone described in the top of this article. It has both a microphone and a speaker. All you need to do is to connect the device to your phone, computer, or, maybe, tablet and that’s it! An entertaining machine for your kiddo is ready.

You can sing regular songs with a normal voice or you can try to use a voice-changer. It is especially fun with small kids – an element of surprise always knock everyone down! There are four modes: an old man, child, woman, robot. Make sure you’ve tried them all!

The microphone comes in several colors so you can pick one your children like best. As you can see, the shape of this mic is far from usual – a little bear is a lot more interesting than a simple tube. So, this is just another portable karaoke machine. Every child will be on cloud nine if he or she receives something like this.

Key features:

  • compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PC;
  • Bluetooth / USB connection;
  • rechargeable lithium battery;
  • operating time: 6 hours;
  • voice-changer;
  • comes with a case.

Check price at Amazon

12. Popstar Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

popstar microphone

Popstar Bluetooth microphone will make your child feel like a real star (just don’t forget to applaud sometimes). It is yet another mic that has a speaker in it. The microphone can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The peculiarity of this mic is that the speaker is located underneath. That’s why it is not recommended to put the mic down on its speaker. In order not to spoil the surface, there is a special kickstand in the package on which you can place the mic. The shipping package also includes all the necessary cables.

On the side of the mic, there are volume and echo controls. In general, we can say that it is a simple yet workable and good microphone. It can be used both by kids and adults. If you don’t like the fact that speakers are usually near the singer’s ears, then this one is probably for you.

Key features:

  • compatible with all kind of devices;
  • Bluetooth and cable connection;
  • headphone jack;
  • 2200mAh Polymer battery;
  • comes with a kickstand, an Aux cable and USB cable.

Check price at Amazon

13. Tencoz Portable Microphone

karaoke mic kids

This is one more karaoke microphone for kids that has a speaker underneath it. The mic can be connected to other devices in two different ways – Bluetooth and cable. For the most part, it is very similar to the other wireless microphones on this list. The only noticeable peculiarity is that it has LED lights that shine bright in the darkness. Children love this kind of stuff! (Adults do too).

You can choose the color of the mic as well – here, there are six of them. So, one more wireless mic for kids to practice singing. Light mood and lots of laughter are guaranteed.

Key features:

  • compatible with all kind of devices;
  • Bluetooth and cable connection;
  • rechargeable lithium battery;
  • SD/TF card input;
  • LED lights;
  • comes with a cable.

Check price at Amazon

14. Uniwit Mini Portable Vocal/Instrument Microphone

uniwit mini

This little condenser microphone is not intended for children but certainly can be used by them. Its most peculiar feature is, of course, the size. Many people love it and use it in different ways. Why not try singing a couple of karaoke songs with it? In sum, this is a really nice purchase. If you can’t take it seriously, take it as a joke. Oh my, how useful this piece of advice is!

Key features:

  • miniature – 6 cm;
  • condenser;
  • compatible with all kinds of devices: iOS, Android, PC;
  • cute.

Check price at Amazon

15. Singing Machine SML283BK CDG Karaoke Player

singing machine

If you are not up for new wireless systems, you can buy this old-fashioned karaoke player. It has a CD-player and a speaker. Two microphones are shipped as well. They can be used simultaneously for singing as a duet. Beautiful LED lights that this system features can add fun to any birthday party.

I’ve heard it on the grapevine that CDs are not that popular anymore. Have you heard it too? Do you even own any CDs these days? Well, some people do. After all, it is easier to find a ready CD full of kids’ songs rather than compile one yourself. The choice is obviously yours. I would rather go with a modern device though.

Key features:

  • two mics jacks;
  • CD Player;
  • echo, balance and auto voice controls
  • LED lights.

Check price at Amazon


To wrap up, karaoke can be different. But it is always fun! I hope now you’ve got a clear picture in your head of what karaoke microphones are available on the market and which ones you like most. No matter what your choice is, sing without shame, have lots of joy and brighten up the mood of everyone around you!

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