How to Find Hidden Microphones

In this guide, we will tell you how to detect hidden microphones in the room.

There are situations when people have a certain fear that someone is secretly listening to them using an installed microphone. Also, if you have a hunch that someone is watching you through a secret microphone – do not be afraid, there are ways to find it.

The main problem is that in the age of modern technology, listening devices have become critically small and almost completely silent, so it seems that it is almost impossible to detect them, but this is not the case.

Next, we will tell you about several methods with step-by-step instructions for detecting hidden microphones.

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Method 1: Physical examination

Step one: If you have a premonition or anxiety that you are being listened to, it is better to take additional precautions and inspect the room in which you are. To do this, it is best to turn off the light.

When the light is turned off, you can see the barely noticeable glimmering of the hidden microphone. Also, it is recommended to inspect at night with closed windows and doors to prevent unnecessary noise.

Hidden microphones, even modern ones, are capable of making sound, so you can only catch it in complete silence.

Hidden Microphones1

Step two: take a closer look at the decorations and decor elements in the room. Often, hidden microphones are attached to convex furniture elements to get the sound with the best quality.

That is why, if you notice decorations or other decorative elements that did not exist before, or that do not fit into the overall design of the room, then pay special attention to these things during the inspection.

Step Three: Inspect the following parts of the room as thoroughly as possible:

  • Indoor plants (hidden microphones are often hidden in pots with flowers)
  • Smoke and alarm sensors (they make a certain noise and blink, so additional lights and noise from the same place do not arouse suspicion)
  • Lamps and other elements connected to electricity (if you notice that some things in the room are not connected to an outlet, it means that some manipulations were performed on them during the time of your absence)
  • Carefully check all the wires, because some of them may be foreign, but at the same time barely noticeable in the overall picture of the room).

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Method 2: Using certain sound frequencies

On the Internet, for a very long time, it was possible to find a large number of sounds for different purposes, for example, for cleaning speakers, or ultrasonic signals. Ultrasound is able to drown out the radio signals that the hidden microphone delivers.

Any microphone has a connection to other sound recording and reproducing devices, through which you are listening. The recorded data is reproduced using radio signals.

Hidden Microphones2

Such radio signals can be easily drowned out by simply making a request in the Internet search box “sound for radio interference”, or something similar.

This method will not help to detect a hidden microphone, but it is very likely to prevent its direct purpose – recording conversations and other sounds in the room.

Method 3: Use a flashlight

It would seem that this is a common thing that is stored in every person’s house, but it is able to find hidden microphones.

You will need to turn off all lighting devices, and then cover all devices capable of reflecting light with something: all lamps, lamps, as well as electronic devices and mirrors.

Hidden Microphones3

After that, slowly and gradually illuminate all the decor elements in the room, and make sure that the reflection of a flashlight does not appear on something.

Such a reflection will mean that you have found some kind of foreign object reflecting light, and it is worth checking with a special predilection.

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Method 4: Radiofrequency detector

Such devices are sold in hardware stores, electronics stores, or large supermarkets. They have one single purpose – the search for metal and electrical devices.

Hidden Microphones4

To use a radio frequency detector to detect a hidden microphone, you will need to:

  • Turn off all electronic devices in the room so that the detector sensors do not detect them and do not send you on the wrong track
  • Read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of a radio frequency detector, as each model may have its own characteristics and features

When the detector detects an electronic device, it will emit a signal in the form of flashing and repeating brief sounds. If you received such signals when scanning the room, urgently check the specific object for foreign objects.

Method 5: Listen

Many devices, such as hidden microphones and cameras operate on electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies, so they can significantly affect communication in a particular room.

Call someone, and if you realize that the connection has become worse, in this case, you should take precautions, or try to find hidden tracking devices in the room.

Method 6: Radio or TV

Since hidden microphones operate on electromagnetic waves, it means that they interfere with other devices working in the same way.

Hidden Microphones5

If there is a radio or a regular TV in the room, turn it on.

If hidden listening devices are installed in the room, then very noticeable interference will appear on the radio and on TV and you will be able to take all necessary security measures or measures to eliminate listening devices.

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Method 7: Apps

At the moment, there are a huge number of apps for your mobile devices that can help you find tracking and listening devices in the room.

There are apps that emit infrared rays, that is, they actually view the room in X-ray mode. You only need to turn on this mode, and then slowly scan the entire room.

Hidden Microphones6

Noticing an electronic device, the scanner will highlight it in the overall picture of the room.

Also, there are apps that store certain sound waves, by turning on you can hear from which place in the room the sounds of interference are coming.

Thus, there are many ways to detect hidden microphones in a room. The methods described above will help you to protect yourself and not become a victim of negligent spies.

Disclaimer: all the screenshots are made from this video guide on how to find a hidden microphone:

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