What Microphones Popular Streamers Use (10 examples)

Are you going to become a streamer? Have you already chosen your nickname? By the way, what about the sound? It’s crucial! We suggest you observe what microphones popular streamers use and make your choice based on this information.

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What microphone does sodapoppin use?

Shure SM7B1

According to numerous surveys and everything, more than 44% (!!!) of all Twitch streamers use this microphone as well! This is definitely the most reliable microphone for streamers that provides high-quality sound.

Thus, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, sodapoppin, uses the mic by the brand Shure.

In general, Shure SM7B is an extremely versatile microphone and it can be used for anything – voiceovers, speech recordings, vocal recordings… But wait, we are only interested in streaming, right?!

Shure SM7B is a dynamic microphone, initially designed for vocal recordings.

For beginners, this microphone might seem a little bit pricy, but in case you have a budget that exceeds $400 we totally recommend going for it. If you cannot – it’s fine there are great cheaper alternatives that we are going to tell you about later.

Probably, another reason why this microphone is so popular is its simplicity in usage. With only the XLR connection you are ready, set, and go!

There is an in-built pop shield and shock mount means you don’t need any extra peripherals either, other than a stand or boom arm on which to mount it.

Moreover, if suddenly you decide that you want to use this mic for other purposes than streaming you can always do that, unlike in the case of other mics.

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Audio-Technica AT2020+1

What microphone does PewDiePie use?

Here we need to say that this streamer uses lots of microphones because he obviously has a bigger budget than other streamers and he’s been there for more than 10 years.

But PewDiePie is often noticed using microphones by Audio-Technica, and particularly, AT2020+.

According to the statistics, this microphone is used approximately by 30% of streamers on Twitch. Which is also a nice result! Unlike the leader of this list, Shure, the microphone by Audio-Technica AT2020+ is a much more affordable item under $100.

It means that it will suit both professionals and beginners who don’t have a lot of budgets. It has the cardioid polar pattern and this is a condenser microphone.

Audio-Technica AT2020+2

And just like the previous microphone, this one is super easy to use, and it can be connected via the USB or XLR cable.

One advantage of the microphone by Audio-Technica is that it can pick up even subtle sounds with overall excellent tonal reproduction. It comes in a kit with the mount stand, so you can adjust it immediately and start working with it.

What microphone does Squeezie use?

Blue Yeti USB1

On its official page, it’s stated that this streamer uses the Blue Yeti microphone.

This microphone is also extremely popular among bloggers and streamers. The Blue Yeti is a cool mic for podcasts and voiceovers. It connects to the PC using a USB cable.

It’s a little bit pricier than the previous model and also a number of insiders in the industry note that its price is relatively high for the USB PC mics.

On the other hand, this is a condenser microphone, a studio-quality sound mic, with the ability of pattern selection. Another cool significant feature of Blue Yeti is its instant mute button that only this mic has. It works with Blue VO!CE Software.

What microphone does Galues use?

On his official page, it says he’s using a Razer Serien Elite microphone. This is a professional broadcast dynamic microphone.

The main advantage of Electro-Voice is that it can transmit the real sound of the voice, making the overall sound smooth. Professional recording studios all around the world are also known for using this brand of mics.

Although this microphone seems to be not that popular among other streamers, this is a cool and affordable microphone that provides normal sound.

We noticed that it sometimes fails to catch some minor sounds during the streams, but overall, the quality is acceptable. It can be a nice alternative to a Blue Yeti mic.

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What microphone does Nissaxter use?

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch also uses Shure SM7B. And having listened to her streams we noticed one more time the superior quality of the sounds that this microphone provides.

Probably, the main reason is that it provides problem-free functionality, perfect compatibility with all PCs, and compatibility with all the voice recording software.

This means that if you choose Shure SM7B for your streams, try to get the best sound software possible because in cooperation with it you truly will get the best quality of your streams.

What microphone does Castro_1021 use?

Here we go again – it seems by his trailer that Castro also uses the Shure microphone! Once again, it provides great sound and it IS really the most popular brand among streamers. Well, who can blame them?


What microphone does Trainwreckstv use?

Unlike other streamers, Trainwreckstv uses a less popular microphone AKG C214. This is a professional condenser microphone that brings high-quality sound. It’s not the cheapest microphone around, but you will be more than satisfied with its quality of it.

This microphone by AKG offers a supreme one-inch capsule on an integrated suspension to reduce mechanical noise. Moreover, while we were listening to the stream sound, we didn’t notice any significant differences between the sound that the AKG C214 brings in comparison to the Shure microphone.

What micropophone does juansguarnizo use?

And here we go again with the Shure SM7B microphone… What can we say? This mic seems to rip it off. By the way, juansguarnizo has more than 9 million followers and he’s really popular in the Spanish-speaking gaming world.

What microphone does BruceDropEmOff use?

It seems like this streamer uses one of the mics by Razer. It’s not really clear which model, in particular, he uses, but on this official page, it’s stated clearly that it’s one of Razer’s microphones.

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What microphone does casimito use?

Casmito is a popular streamer among the Spanish-speaking game community with more than 3 million followers. On his official page, you can find that here is using the Logitech G935 Gaming Headset and the microphone is included in the set.

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