11 Best Voice Changing Microphones

Are you fond of singing? Want to have fun and try something new? We offer you to try a karaoke microphone with voice changing function. You will be delighted!

And more cool wireless microphones for different events you will find in this article.


Geronmine Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

  • the microphone is not too heavy and can be handled by a child;
  • the speaker is surprisingly loud with quality sound ;
  • you can adjut the volume and echo. With the main button, it can change our voice to kids voice;
  • this is great for karaoke, recording, interviewing, or just playing around with a rap or a beatbox;


Singing Machine Karaoke Machine Microphone


  • well-constructed microphone;
  • has a surprisingly powerful built-in speaker with a fun voice modulator;
  • the sound is not distorted and the eco feature is great;

Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Microphone
Kidzlane Kids voice changer microphone

  • the Bluetooth feature is great - you can project any song you want through it;
  • the volume is great, the sound is clear;
  • many amazing features along with cute nursery rhymes booklet;
  • crazy easy to operate;

Geronmine Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids

This is one of the most popular and affordable microphones on the market.

This is a wireless microphone that will provide a unique and loud sound, LED lights that will make your performance unforgettable, the coolest design, and of course, the ability to change your voice.

What is more, the microphone itself is lightweight, and it will be suitable for adults and for kids. When you are performing with it, you have total freedom of mobility.

The reason why we highlighted this microphone is that it has one of the best quality sounds on the market, and convenient configurations – the buttons are placed right on the make and it’s so easy to switch them, therefore, you can change your voice at any level. This is a perfect party microphone for everyone.

Main features:

  • 5-in-1 Multi-functional Microphone
  • Magic Sounds & Easy Use
  • 3-Ways Connection
  • Long Playing Time

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Singing Machine Karaoke Machine Microphone with Bluetooth and Speaker for Kids and Adults Home Birthday Party

If you don’t want your voice-changing microphone to look like a microphone for kids, then you can go for this option. This microphone by Party Machine provides decent-quality sound while allowing you to change your voice in different ways.

It has an exquisite and elegant design that will allow you to use it at any party. The buttons are also placed conveniently on the microphone so you can switch in a second.

The distinctive features of the mic:

  • Microphone with built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Works with all music and karaoke apps.
  • 6 fun voice-changing effects including Echo, Female, Male, Chipmunk, Robot, and Radio.
  • 1-Touch lead vocal removal for a true karaoke experience.

The main reason why we place this microphone at the top of our list is that is it’s portable, durable, and lightweight. It is easy to carry around and it’s compatible with the majority of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

It will even be suitable for trips, picnics, parties, family parties, karaoke singing, etc.

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 

The incredibly cool microphone in brilliant golden housing makes a strong impression on everyone around you, and it gives you a lot of pleasure while singing the songs.

The distinctive features of the mic:

  • Voice changer function: male voice, female voice, kid voice, girl’s voice.
  • Adjustable LED light (seven colors).
  • The battery lasts for six hours of active use.
  • A wide range of applications: for a picnic, trips, parties, family entertainment, lectures, guide, singing in karaoke, etc.

According to customer reviews, the quality of sound is not the best, but if you’re going to use it just as a voice changer, it’s more than enough.

Why we liked it – Most of all, I like the stunning design of this mic. A smart little gadget that makes you feel like a real star!

A great gift for karaoke lovers, as well as for those who want to try themselves as performer of a modern song. And of course for young aspiring artists who will have to take the first steps on the stage.

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BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Controllable LED Lights

This is definitely one of the most popular microphones out there in the market. This is a multifunctional device. First of all, it will be nice and fun for kids, however, adults can have fun with this as well.

What is more, this microphone could be a marvelous gift. It will give you the perfect voice-changing experience since the microphone has more than 10 options for changing the voice.

And of course, this microphone can play music while you’re singing. It works the Bluetooth connection and it has a simple and elegant design. The model is presented in several bright colors.

And, what is more important, the microphone is made of safe and harmless materials we charge totally cool for kids.

To be honest, because this microphone is so popular on the market it is a little bit cheesy, but it’s still one of the market leaders providing super-quality sound, allowing you to change your voice in the way you want.

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Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Microphone 

Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Microphone

Thanks to this wonderful microphone, the child will be able to feel like a star and arrange a real karaoke concert for parents and relatives. The microphone is equipped with built-in Nursery Rhymes. Thanks to a variety of functions, you can find any melody for singing and play it.

Your child’s dream of becoming a superstar will come true with Kidzlane’s karaoke microphone!

The distinctive features of the mic:

  • Solo and duet play are available.
  • Suitable for both girls and boys.
  • Voice changing technology.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Recording function.
  • Bright design.
  • It can be connected to any device through Bluetooth.

Why we liked it – The microphone will allow your child to demonstrate his talent. Or you can just have a fun time together!

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BONAOK Kids Microphone

BONAOK Kids Microphone

Children are always very interested in the microphone, so this toy will not be left unattended by the kids. They will be happy to sing using the voice change function.

The distinctive features of the mic:

  • A built-in louder speaker.
  • LED lights are organized in such a way that the mic looks like a robot.
  • Voice changing: Prince, Princess, Duke, Robot voice.
  • The toy is made of certified plastic.

Why we liked it – The microphone will not only raise the mood of the child but also allow him to show artistry and vocal, improve musical ear and sense of rhythm.

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balacoo Voice Changer Kids Voice Changer

This is a microphone – a voice changer just for kids to have fun. It’s made of plastic, and its control buttons are all placed on its main body. What is more, the microphone has a very funny shape that catches the eye.

It will be a good fit for a party or just as a toy. There are three modes, boys, girls, and robet style.

One of the main advantages of this product is its price, it’s incredibly affordable. And it’s also made of plastic so it’s really easy to carry around. All in all, this is a cool but simple toy for boys and girls and even adults.

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FISHOAKY Karaoke Microphone

This is another voice-changing me that is indeed and party microphone that you can use for karaoke. It also can serve as a speaker and music or singing recorder, and it’s also ideal for KTV. If you’re going to use it at one of your family parties, you’re going to be a star.

The microphone is equipped with duals because and it also includes intelligent mixing with three layered anti-nose filter heads. One of the advantages of this microphone is that it brings you clear vibration and doesn’t have any noise.

Plus, has the customizable echo effect, so you can tailor it to your preferences. The microphone is wireless therefore you have the freedom of Mobility. It is compatible with all the most popular devices, including IOS and Android smartphones.

When it comes to voice changing, this microphone doesn’t have as many modes as the previous mics, however, the three modes that it provides are quite enough.

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iJoy Wireless Karaoke Microphone

This is another karaoke microphone by iJoy on our list and to be honest, it’s a typical representative of its type. It looks really similar to the other models that we described before and the only difference is the price.

This item is much more affordable than the previous ones. As usual, the microphone is Wireless, so it’s suitable for parties it can change your voice if you press on the bottom which is placed on this microphone.

iJoy microphone features separate controls for your music playback and sing-along microphone. It cannot only change your voice but also play music.

However, you should take into consideration that because of its low price the item is not very durable and reliable.

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Anitiate Microphone,Voice Changing Microphone for Kids

Another similar microphone can change your voice. This is also a Bluetooth karaoke microphone and it can serve as a portable speaker. It is super affordable but be careful because it’s so easy to break.

It also comes with LED lights so you can be started at any party. It has three ways of connection, the first is Bluetooth connection, the second one is TF card connection, and the last one is the audio jack.

The sound that this microphone provides is quite decent which is surprising for a microphone of this level. It comes in three different colors black, rose, and gold. So if you just won’t buy a cheap but reliable microphone just seeing that would change your voice, we recommend this one.

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Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0 2021 Version

This item is more pricey than the other ones on our list but just because it provides better quality sound. It includes six voice-changing effects. The most prominent one is the lead voice consolation which allows you to sing karaoke without any hassle.

There are also three sound effects for endless karaoke fun. Additionally, the item has a unique design that is so different from other models in this category until so fresh. All the control buttons are placed on the special panel right above the handle of the mic.

It has an instant wireless connection to an FM tuner or you can use the aux cord to connect to a device. This is definitely not a microphone for kids, and it will be perfect for karaoke parties where you want to be a star.

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How to choose a microphone for karaoke at home?

To begin, let’s talk about the banal. Before you start looking for a microphone, decide how you prefer to sing. It will be difficult to find the perfect option if you don’t know what you are looking for.

For example, if you like to sing a duet, you will need two microphones – or even a few if you have a mini-choir with your friends. Then it’s better to buy several microphones cheaper. If everyone will sing in turns, it’s better to invest in one, but a very good one.

How does a wireless karaoke microphone differ from the usual?

Usually, the microphone is connected to the karaoke system via a 6.5 mm jack or 3.5 mini-jack connectors. However, many karaoke systems manufacturers love exotic connectors.

Wireless microphones for karaoke use different versions of Bluetooth to connect.

Which mic is suitable for karaoke: dynamic, condenser or electret?

Again, stop on the last option, despite the fact that its price is slightly higher than other models. This microphone has a built-in amplifier that improves sound quality. However, the dynamic version is also worthy of attention, if you want to save a little. Least of all a condenser microphone is suitable for karaoke, as it picks up not only the voice of the performer but all the extraneous noises.

Top Microphone Manufacturers?

As the many years of experience of karaoke fans and clear good sound shows, when choosing a microphone, it’s better to choose from such well-known brands as AKG, Shure, Sennheiser. And this is not advertising at all, but only the opinion of consumers.

Of course, you can buy a cheap fake, but it’s unlikely it will be able to please you as much as a well-made reliable brand thing. After all, you see, situations are different. There is no guarantee that someone will accidentally drop it. A cheap thing can easily be broken, while a branded microphone will not even change its sound.


Make your outdoor recreation, birthday or just a weekend more lively and exciting! Why go to a karaoke club, if you can just buy a microphone and enjoy your favorite songs without leaving the house. Moreover, with these karaoke microphones, you can change your voice beyond recognition. So, just have fun!

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