8 Best lavalier microphones

Lavalier (lapel, clip-on) microphones are those small round or tube-like pieces usually attached to clothing. They are used in many different spheres: interviews, film-production, theatre performances, video making, Instagram stories, etc. If you are in search of a good lavalier microphone, take a look at the models below.

We’ve tried to pick the best models from various price ranges. Some of the mics outlined below are very cheap. Others are quite expensive. Most of the models, however, are middle-prices which allows them to be the best in the price-quality ratio. Look through the list, select the models you’d like to buy, and choose the one that suits you best. Let’s start!

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Fast & easy choice – we’ve found the best ever lavalier microphone:


Rode smartLav+
Rode smartLav+

  • incredibly high quality;
  • the audio sounds crisp and clear;
  • very little background noise, almost zero distracting mouth noise;
  • easy to use, very flexible;
  • an extension cable provides more distance between the camera and subject;

Shure CVL

  • picks up well and deliver crisp sound;
  • has exceptional clarity and is so small you hardly know you are wearing it;
  • super easy to hide;
  • does not require a lot of additional processing in order to get a good sound;

PoP voice Lavalier Microphone

  • extremely lightweight design;
  • very clear, but not overly sensitive;
  • picks up a little bit too much sounds sometimes;
  • compatible with nearly all devices and systems including Windows, Android, iPhone, and more;
  • easy to clip on and plug in and use;

1. Rode Smartlav

Price: $

rode smartluvRode Smartlav is one of the most popular clip-on mics that can be connected directly to a mobile device. Originally, the mic was created for Apple’s iOS devices, however, it can be used with any device that has a headset jack. All you need to do is download a special equalizer app, connect Rode to your smartphone and there you go!

Many customers highlight that the mic produces high-quality recordings. Well, it is certainly better than the embedded smartphones microphones.

The mic has an omnidirectional condenser capsule which is great in case you want to catch sounds from all the sides. Since lavalier mics are typically located close to the speaker’s mouth, the omnidirectional capsule won’t miss anything out of what you’re saying – no matter how actively you move.

If you intend to use the microphone in unpleasant weather conditions, there is a foam windshield in the package for you – it is used to protect records from wind noise and plosives. By the way, mounting clip and a durable kevlar cable are also included in the package.

The size of the microphone is 4.5mm, which is quite small, merely unnoticeable. Being this small, however, doesn’t prevent the mic from producing high-quality output.

All in all, the microphone is definitely worth close attention. If you buy a lavalier microphone for the first time, this is a great model to start with. It won’t cause you problems with managing transmitters and receptors. All you’ll need is a microphone itself and a smartphone. A tablet or a PC will also do – whatever you find most convenient. Rode Smartlav is an excellent model for social media users, content creators, and amateurs in any field who would like to improve their recording quality.


  • omnidirectional polar pattern;
  • frequency range: 60Hz – 18kHz;
  • maximum SPL: 110dB
  • dimensions: 1180.00mmH x 4.50mmW x 4.50mmD;
  • output: TRRS;
  • the microphone comes with a mounting clip, a kevlar cable, and a foam windshield.

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2. Shure CVL Centraverse Clip-On Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Price: $

shure slc centreShure CVL Centraverse lavalier microphone is a part of a wireless system. It is one of the cheapest Shure models. Despite this, the mic works great no matter how and where you use it. Shure promo says that CVL was developed for presenting information. Many users point out that it is also suitable for weddings and other official ceremonies.

The mic has a cardioid polar pattern, so it is in its nature unidirectional. While omnidirectional mics are great because there is no sense in repositioning them, unidirectional mics are better at blocking background noises. They tend to capture only the voice of the speaker, which is an advantage, especially if you have to speak in a dynamic environment.

There are also a couple of P-filters that protect from plosives, eliminate wind sounds and heavy breathing; and a mounting clip that helps to attach the mic to clothes. In sum, this is a great wireless lavalier mic which doesn’t cost much. If you are just starting out, take a closer look at this model.


  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • comes as a wireless system with all the necessary elements;
  • constantly charged;
  • frequency response optimized for speaking and presentations;
  • dimensions: 3 x 7.7 x 5 inches.

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3. Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System

Price: $$

rodelinkRodeLink FM is one more wireless system with a lapel microphone. This system is about 4 times more expensive than the previous models, however, the sound quality it produces is considerably better. If you are choosing a mic for professional purposes but would rather buy something middle-priced, this is your option.

RodeLink FM system includes a transmitter, a receiver, and a microphone. The lavalier microphone included in the system is omnidirectional. You can attach the receiver to your camera or anywhere you like. As for the transmitter, it is best to place it somewhere near the belt – in the pocket or on the belt itself. The maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver can be 100 meters, which is really huge. The system maintains best sound quality at this distance due to the ability to hop between the frequencies. It aims to catch the best quality sounds.

In a nutshell, RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System is durable and reliable. It can become an indispensable tool in numerous situations like presentations, interviews, events’ hosting. Choose this option if you want a durable wireless mic capable of functioning anywhere and any time.


  • up to 100 meters range;
  • omnidirectional;
  • AA battery or USB;
  • series II, 2.4 GHz digital transmission.

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4. Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless MKE2

Price: $$$

sennheiser avcSennheiser AVX is another wireless system with a lavalier microphone. This one’s price is twice bigger the price of the previous product.

AVX receiver can be directly connected to XLR audio input. It uses P48 phantom power which can be turned on and off together with a camera. The system is able to select frequencies and set the necessary sensitivity level. All of that is done for maintaining high sound quality no matter where you are recording. The mic is great at eliminating wind noises, harsh sounds, plosives. If you want to record outside, this is exactly what you need.

The microphone has got lots of positive feedback. Its recording quality is truly amazing. The price is quite high – above the average – however, you get what you’re paying for. If you can afford to spend a little bit more on a wireless microphone of high quality, do that. Sennheiser stands for quality. Go on and check yourself!


  • uses P48 Phantom power;
  • plugs directly into XLR audio input;
  • auto frequency management;
  • all the necessary accessories are included.

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5. Tascam DR-10L

Price: $$

tascam lavTascam DR-10L is an audio recorder with a lavalier microphone. But first and foremost, it is an audio recorder. A lavalier mic, which is by the way omnidirectional, serves as an addition to the overall setup.

The setup, however, is great. It is great for amateurs who like to record interviews, podcasts, storytelling. And it is also great for professionals who work in TV production, film making, stage performances directing, and more. You can record both WAV and MP3 files. Thanks to microSD support, it is possible to record numerous hour of audio.

There is also duel recording in case you’re afraid that nothing will be recorded at all. When you use duel recording, you record two tracks simultaneously. If one of them fails, you can use the other one – as simple as that.

Thanks to a playback function, you can check the sound quality of your recording immediately. The display of the recorder is quite small, however, it has enough space for everything you’d want to see there. Special buttons help to regulate both recording and playback.

In sum, this is a nice system with a lavalier microphone that can be used for many different purposes. If you are looking for a humble yet efficient solution, take a look at this one.


  • uses Alkaline AAA battery power (up to 10 hours work);
  • headphone output;
  • microSD/SDHC cards (supports 32GBcapacities);
  • lavalier microphone with a microphone clip, windscreen, and 1.6 m cable.

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6. Audio-Technica PRO70 Cardioid XLR Lavalier

Price: $$

at pro lavalierAudio-Technica lavalier mic is cardioid. In general, there are more omnidirectional lavalier mics, however, sometimes you can encounter cardioid ones. They are best for speaking or performing in noisy environments, so if you intend to speak or perform in awful conditions, this model might be your best choice.

First of all, it is equipped both with a clothing clip and guitar mount. Many reviewers say that the microphone is great at capturing acoustic guitar sounds. It can be used with other acoustic instruments as well, so if you want a lav mic for these purposes, this is the right model to look at.

The microphone has a low-frequency roll-off which is built for eliminating room noises. In general, the device functions with remarkable consistency. You can totally depend on this one.


  • cardioid polar pattern;
  • suitable both for voice and acoustic musical instruments;
  • uses battery or phantom power;
  • the package includes a guitar mound and a clothing clip.

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7. Sennheiser ME 2 omnidirectional lavalier EW microphone

Price: $$

sennheiser micOne more Sennheiser on our list. In case you need just a lavalier mic without transmitters or receivers, this is a nice option to consider. The mic is miniature – it is hard to notice it, which is definitely an advantage. The pick-up pattern is omnidirectional.

If you want to use this microphone, you’ll need to buy special bodypack transmitters. However, if you already have them, you can just attach the mic to them. The microphone works very well. It is perfect for situations when you don’t want the device to be seen.


  • omnidirectional polar pattern;
  • 7.5 V operating voltage;
  • 36 dB equivalent noise level;
  • the frequency range is 30 – 20 000 Hz.

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8. PoP Voice Omnidirectional

Price: $

pop lavalierThis is a very cheap device. It can be used with phones and tablets, for recording audio messages and Instagram stories. For a very small amount of money, you can get a properly working lavalier mic that connects directly to your smartphone. The mic is used with iOS devices and Android ones. It working principle is ‘plug and play’, so there’s no need to figure out stuff about adapters and receivers. If you want to record audio on a PC or a laptop, all you’ll need to do is use a special adapter which is included in the shipping package.

In many ways, this mic is just like SmartLav which is the first option on this list. However, it is much cheaper. It doesn’t offer much, however in case you want to improve the output quality of your smartphone recording, this is a way to go! The mic’s biggest advantage is availability. Nevertheless, it is far from being the worst in the category. It is good enough which is why many people choose it over and over again.


  • omnidirectional polar pattern;
  • 3.5 mm headset jack;
  • 2 m cable;
  • comes with a PC adapter.

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Q: Are all lavalier mics wireless?

Lavalier mics are not wireless. They should be connected directly either to a recording device or a transmitter which then sends signals to a receiver. In any case, you’ll need to have something in your pocket or on your belt that deals with the received audio waves.

Q: Where can I use a lavalier mic?

Lavalier microphones have many areas of applications: interviews, film making, theatre performances, news reports, and more. Some clip-on mics are used to amplify acoustic instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, etc.

Q: Where to place lavalier mics?

Lavalier mics can be placed basically anywhere. You can attach them to a shirt, a collar, or even behind a person’s ear. The best positioning though is on the chest, however, you can always try various options and see which one suits you best.


There can be various reasons why you need a lavalier mic. Professionals are eager to look at more expensive models with excellent fidelity and consistency. Amateurs are fine with a simple recording device that just does its job well. This article embraces all of the possible options from several price ranges. Most of them require additional gear such as receivers and transmitters, however, some can function by just connecting to a smartphone. No matter what your purpose is, we hope you’ve managed to find what you need. Stay tech-savvy and choose the best microphones gear!

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