9 Best 3.55mm microphones 2019

Microphones with a 3.5 mm jack are connected to a desktop computer or laptop. With them, you can perform any voice actions and record audio. When choosing parameters it’s important to pay attention to the sound pressure level, the signal-to-noise ratio, the frequency range and the ability to connect via USB.

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Prices for microphones with a 3.5 mm jack vary and depend, among other things, on the manufacturer. So let’s consider the best representatives of this category of microphones:


Rode smartLav+
Rode smartLav+


  • clear voice;
  • excellent noise reduction;
  • hassle-free connection to any device;
  • native audio recording application has excellent functionality;

rode videomic pro
Rode VideoMicPro

  • the shock mount is solid, and isolates the sound from the camera;
  • makes the voice sound really crisp;
  • the battery life is superb;
  • audio compression is adjustable in firmware. You don't need to sync anything;

Audio-Technica ATR3350is 

Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS



  • great sound quality;
  • ceramic components;
  • long cable;
  • real omnidirectionality;
  • excellent sensitivity;

Rode smartLav+

Rode smartLav+

SmartLav + from the Australian company Rode is a compact, lavalier condenser type microphone for high-quality sound recording in cases where you need a portable, almost imperceptible device.

Features and Performance

Its omnidirectional capsule will allow recording without the use of expensive and complex wireless systems, receive sound coming from all directions and provide a high level of mounting variability with an acceptable degree of user-friendly interface.

You can connect this mic to your smartphone, and freely record using multiple recording applications, such as Rode Rec for iOS. For example, using Rode Rec, you can perform a full range of professional recording functions, including one-touch export to Dropbox and SoundCloud, which makes it an ideal addition to SmartLav +.

Given the success of the base model SmartLav, the developers of the company decided to improve the sound quality of the SmartLav + by updating the microphone capsule to increase sensitivity and lower the level of noise (27 dBA).

In addition to this, the model has a Kevlar reinforced cable for reliable operation in any conditions, and a soft, foam-based pop shield will minimize possible overloads from pronouncing explosive consonants (B, T, P).

The microphone comes with a mounting clip, windscreen, and storage case.

Technical Characteristics

  • Active electronics – JFET converter
  • Capsule 0.10 “(0.254 mm)
  • Pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Type – Condenser
  • Frequency range, Hz – 20-20000
  • Sensitivity, dB – 35
  • Maximum sound pressure level – 110 dB SPL
  • Sizes, mm: 12 x 4.5 x 4.5
  • Weight, g: 6

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Rode VideoMicPro

Rode VideoMicPro

Rode VideoMic Pro microphone is designed specifically for use with digital video cameras of different levels and class.

Features and Performance

Rode VideoMic Pro combines high-quality sound transmission with a very compact, ultra-light and ergonomic design.

Given the new features of high-quality video, VideoMic Pro also continues to develop other features that have made VideoMic so successful.

Interference when carrying significantly reduced, thanks to the use of a modified and more elegant anti-vibration design and the use of a lightweight cable.

Rode VideoMic Pro is good in any situation where you want to hear what you are shooting, not offscreen sounds from the sides and behind.

Technical Characteristics

  • Purpose – For camcorders
  • Connectors – 3.5 mm mini jack
  • Polar Pattern – Supercardioid
  • Type – Condenser
  • Sensitivity – 38 dB
  • Impedance – 200 ohm
  • Frequency range – 40 – 20 000 Hz
  • Duration of battery life – more than 70 hours
  • Weight – 85 g
  • Dimensions – 150 x 95 x 43 mm

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Boya BY-MM1

BOYA BY-MM1A compact microphone in a rugged aluminum case is suitable for recording high-quality sound when shooting video and recording audio.

Features and Performance

Since it is lightweight, it can be used with oversized types of cameras, camcorders, smartphones of another kind of recorders.

Connecting the microphone to the devices is easy, as the kit includes two TRS and TRRS cables with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. To connect the microphone to the smartphone, it is enough to connect it to a regular headphone jack with a TTRS cable (4 pins).

A special mount will help to conveniently fix the microphone to the camera. To fix the microphone on your smartphone you will need to purchase a special mount.

The microphone has excellent amplitude-frequency characteristics, covering the range of sounds with a frequency of 35-18 kHz. The device provides high-quality voice and sound recording without distortion.

For audio recording on the street, when a strong wind blows, you should use a windproof shield that comes with your microphone. It reduces noise and unnecessary sounds that will interfere with the quality of the recording.

A special anti-vibration microphone mount reduces unwanted shaking and mechanical vibrations. What I like most of all is that the BY-MM1 microphone doesn’t need phantom or additional power (battery), which makes it possible to work with a wide choice of recorders.

Technical Characteristics

  • Purpose – For camcorders
  • Connectors – 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Polar Pattern – Cardioid
  • Type – Condenser
  • Pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity – 42dB
  • Noise-signal ratio – 78dB
  • Dimensions – 81-22 mm
  • Microphone weight – 86 g

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Audio-Technica ATR-6550

Audio-Technica ATR-6550Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Video Camera Cardioid/Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone is of high quality, reliable in use, has high sensitivity, protects against noise during recording, due to which the sounds coming from the microphone are quite clear and loud.

Features and Performance

Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Condenser Shotgun Microphone is designed for use with video cameras. It has 2 modes of operation – at a short/medium distance and at large distances.

The Normal mode is designed for medium distances, the Tele mode will become an assistant for recording sounds from long distances.

This device allows you to record sounds at a sufficiently far distance from the main source. The kit includes a cable (0.9 m) without the possibility of disconnection, stand clamp, camera mount, windscreen, battery, and adapter for connection.

During operation, the Audio-Technica ATR-6550 microphone doesn’t perceive sound waves that come from other sources, which may be located away from the direction vector.

Technical Characteristics

  • Type: wired
  • Frequency range: 70 – 18 000 Hz
  • Resistance: Normal – 1000 Ohms, Tele – 2200 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: Normal: – 56dB, Tele: – 45 dB
  • Cable length: 0.9 m
  • Connector: 3.5 miniJack
  • Element: Stereo Condenser
  • Polar pattern: Normal: Cardioid, Tele: Supercardioid
  • Power: Battery 1,5V
  • Weight: 113 g

The microphone is suitable for use on the street, large open areas. Thanks to the wind protection function, the sound isn’t distorted and sounds without noise or other interference while recording, even in windy bad weather.

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Shure MVL

Shure MVLThis device belongs to the new series of Motiv and is designed for use with tablets and smartphones on iOS or Android, which is connected using the standard 3.5 mm mini-jack (TRRS) connector. This novelty is a convenient solution for recording speeches, lectures, interviews and so on.

To use, you don’t need to have professional skills, just connect it to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, install the software and start audio streaming or recording directly to your device or to the cloud!

Features and Performance

Using a special clip, the MVL microphone can be conveniently positioned in close proximity to the face for the clearest sound. The quality of the recordings using this model cannot be compared with the standard audio quality when recording on the built-in microphones of iOS or Android mobile devices.

Distinctive features:

  • The best solution for home and travel.
  • Best sound in class.
  • Connects to the gadget through a standard headphone jack.
  • Elementary integration with most smartphones.
  • Just install the free ShurePlus ™ application.
  • The best choice for doing online podcasts.
  • A truly versatile microphone for multipurpose tasks.
  • Matt black cast zinc housing.
  • The highest professional-grade sound quality even with a high SPL level of up to 124 dB.
  • The low weight and ultra-compact dimensions facilitate the work and make it almost invisible, which allows it to be used inconspicuously.

Technical Characteristics

  • Microphone Capsule: MEMS
  • Polar Pattern: omnidirectional
  • Frequency response: 45 – 20000 Hz
  • Signal/noise ratio: 65 dB
  • Output impedance: 350 Ohms
  • Maximum SPL: 124 dB
  • Dynamic range: 95 dB
  • Sensitivity: -44.0 dBV at 1 kHz (Pa=94 dB SPL)
  • Equivalent output noise (A-weighted): 29 dB;
  • Microphone jack: 3.5 mm TRRS;
  • Dimensions with cable: 5.5 mm (diameter) × 15.2 mm × 132 cm;
  • Weight: 8 g

MVL is made from the highest quality materials and components, fully meeting the high standards of Shure quality. Working with a microphone is convenient and easy.

For Apple devices, the new ShurePlus ™ MOTIV Mobile Recording application has been developed, which includes all the features needed to record high-quality digital audio.

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Audio-Technica ATR3350is

Audio-Technica ATR3350isAudio-Technica ATR3350iS is an omnidirectional lavalier microphone. It is used for high-quality voice recording and is ideally suited for video shooting.

Features and Performance

The Omni-type polar pattern provides full omnidirectional coverage of sound sources. Due to the miniature design, minimal visibility of the transmitting device is provided.

Thanks to the 6-meter cable equipped with a 3.5 mm plug, this model can be directly connected to most cameras.

The package includes windscreen, a convenient clip for clothes and a special adapter that allows you to use this microphone with a smartphone.

Technical Characteristics

  • Type – Condenser
  • Category – Lavalier
  • Polar Pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Frequency range – 50 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Sensitivity – 54 dB
  • Cable – 6 meters
  • Connector – 1/8 “Jack TRS plug (mini jack)
  • Weight – 6 g

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Sennheiser ME 2 II

Sennheiser ME 2The ME 2 is a high-quality lavalier condenser microphone from the well-known brand SENNHEISER, which differs from its competitors in high-definition speech, vocal, and music, as well as exceptional bass reproduction quality, enhanced design reliability, and functionality.

Features and Performance

It is perfect for film and theater actors, TV and radio presenters, solo performers, musicians and all those who need a miniature microphone of professional quality.

Thanks to the omnidirectional condenser capsule with increased sensitivity (20 mV/Pa) and a wide range of frequencies (30 Hz – 20 kHz), the microphone has a good sound transmission with natural sound and excellent noise cancellation even in conditions of active use.

Due to the special design, the microphone transmits vocal and speech quite well, and the external noise is almost completely cut off. There is no feedback effect and voice distortion, which is very important for high-end microphones. The microphone capsule is securely hidden in a miniature plastic case with a special design, and the ability to install additional windscreen.

Technical Characteristics

  • Type – Condenser
  • Category – Lavalier
  • Polar Pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Frequency range – 50 – 18000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 20 mV / Pa
  • Connector – 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Weight – 24 g

ME 2 is an excellent microphone for vocals and speech, which has a powerful sound, good noise reduction, and clear voice transmission. It ideally combines the price/quality ratio, is versatile in use, easy to use and suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

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Sennheiser MKE Essential Omni Black

Sennheiser MKE Essential Omni BlackThe MKE Essential omnidirectional microphone is designed for daily and very active use in a “live” scene.

Features and Performance

This model is based on the KE 4 microphone capsule, which is an upgraded version of the famous MKE 2 and is also capable of transmitting the sound of the so-called Broadway level, maintaining the characteristic warm and clear audio signal even at the maximum sound pressure level.

Therefore, for its user, the new MKE Essential Omni is, first of all, an excellent opportunity to get the functionality and sound quality of the top lapel Sennheiser, but at a much more attractive price.

The audio potential of this device is extremely wide, and, nevertheless, the MKE Essential Omni is a tiny microphone, which can also be completely invisible. And also very convenient – it can be fixed just on the cheek with a piece of adhesive tape.

However, for this model, Sennheiser produces a whole range of modern and practical accessories, which include rotating clamps, magnetic holders and more.

The MKE Essential Omni lapel condenser microphone, despite its miniature size, is able to retain all the splendor and natural warmth of live vocals, transmitting the audio signal without any distortion, even when the user’s voice starts to sound very loud.

Technical Characteristics

  • Type – Condenser
  • Polar Pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Frequency range – 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 5 mV / Pa
  • Connector – 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Diameter – 4.8 mm
  • Weight – 16 g (without a cable)

MKE Essential Omni is just a godsend for creative projects with small budgets, although it is designed to fully meet the high standards of the modern large stage.

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Samson Q2U

Samson Q2UQ2U is the ultimate combination of analog and digital technology. This high-quality handheld microphone can be used for live performances as well as for a home studio.

Take Q2U to your concert and get the rich sound of your voice. Or use it at home to quickly record your musical ideas on the computer.

Features and Performance

Q2U is a dynamic microphone equipped with a standard XLR output and a built-in USB interface, which allows you to connect it to any mixer or computer equipped with a USB input.

A special switch allows you to control the presence of a signal on the XLR output, allowing you to speak and record on a computer at the same time.

In addition, Q2U boasts a built-in 3.5 mm stereo output with adjustable volume for comfortable monitoring with zero latency during recording. The cardioid directivity, high-quality 16-bit / 48 kHz converter makes this model an excellent choice for vocalists, broadcasters, broadcasts and any other application in which detailed and clear sound is important.

Technical Characteristics

  • Type – Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern – Cardioid
  • Frequency range – 50 – 15000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 20 mV / Pa
  • Connector – 3.5 mm mini-jack, USB, XLR
  • Weight – 320 g

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Q: How to choose a microphone for a computer so that the sound quality matches the needs?

  1. If you want to talk with friends or colleagues on Skype, you can purchase an inexpensive device. Moreover, in the store, you can buy headphones with a microphone or a webcam, which also often provides for the presence of a microphone.
  2. If you need a microphone to record your own voice, play musical compositions, or video dubbing, then you should pay attention to more expensive and high-quality models.
  3. It is also worth mentioning that there are models of wireless microphones for a computer. The set of such a device in addition to the microphone itself includes a signal receiver. The lack of wires makes this option optimal for lovers of singing karaoke.

Q: I have a mini-jack of 3.5 mm on my phone, and the microphone is just a jack of 3.5 mm. Are there any differences or is it the same?

There are three standard connector diameters:

  • jack (6.35 mm);
  • mini-jack (3.5 mm);
  • micro-jack (2.5 mm).

You have mini-jack on both devices.

Q: How to connect a microphone to a computer?
Before connecting the microphone, you need to determine the type of connector to be used. They are divided into two classes: a mini-plug and USB. Both can connect to almost any PC, as most (some netbooks and a Chromebook) have both connectors.

If you have the USB-plug, then you need to plug it into any USB-port of a computer/laptop.

Many devices use a mini-plug connector, similar to the one used on a mobile phone, tablet or iPod. The port is usually colored in pink. Color coding is usually missing and it will be necessary to find the appropriate symbols to determine the correct port.

Standard computer sound card connector – 3.5 jack. Most middle-class microphones have the same plug size. Expensive professional and semi-professional models have a 6.3 jack. And to connect such a device to a computer, you may need a special adapter, which must be purchased separately.

Q: What to do if the device is not detected automatically?

When your device is undefined and software is not installed, you may need to download your own drivers.

Q: How to connect a microphone to a computer for karaoke?

Nothing complicated. You just need to install the necessary software drivers for the recording device. Or to coordinate the work of the microphone with the program through which you will sing. If you want to record sound, then it’s better to install special plug-ins for this, since the standard Sound Recording utility doesn’t work in the best way and creates a distortion of sounds.


This review includes popular microphones in accordance with user reviews. But I will not tell you WHICH ONE IS THE BEST since all the microphones presented are from different categories, they differ in application areas, types, and so on. But if you’re looking for a microphone with a 3.55 mm plug size, I’m sure you found what you were looking for.

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